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Fri Jul 24 14:52:15 CDT 2020

I had the same confusion about Mike’s Altair 8800c not being a complete kit, and wondering what it would take to “upgrade” my Altair 8800 Clone to be a real Altair 8800c a bit more than a year ago.  I ended up not finding very much assistance at the time, so I bulled my way through it, and got it done using the info and pointers from Mike’s site.

Another time someone asked about this I posted my experience on the VCF.  See this: <>

Mike’s original topic on VCF is here:

The bottom line is that you *can* get it done with the info and pointers that Mike provides on his site.  He is also reachable on the VCF and also by telephone.  He is tremendously helpful and will answer any questions that you may have.

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> Hi Greg,
> I saw Mike Douglas' Altair 8800c but he writes on his website that this is
> not a complete kit. I got the impression that he offers only the front
> panel PCBs, FDC and SIO and maybe the S100 motherboard.
> Thank you for the link to the S100computers group. There is a lot of useful
> info there.
> I am retired now and always wanted an Altair 8800. It is time to make that
> dream reality. The easiest and more affordable path would be the Altair
> 8800 clone but somehow I am more attracted to the non-emulated
> implementation.
> Thanks again
> Tom Hunter
> On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 3:02 AM Greg Beat <gregory.beat at> wrote:
>> ?Tom,
>> Grant moved shortly after this Kit offering, over a decade ago.
>> That kit is OVER (Grant no longer offering).
>> Participate in the S100computers Group:
>> Join the List at Google Group: S100Computers
>> <>
>> Grant special ordered the metal fabrication, at that time, from the
>> original metal fabricators (Optima, $$), who have gone thru mergers &
>> off-shoring.
>> Mike Douglas looked into that chassis possibility ? but was cost
>> prohibitive (>$300).
>> Mike Douglas offers BOTH the Altair Clone (you referenced) AND
>> the Altair 8800c Kits (November 2018).  This case he had fabricated is a
>> close look-a-like, but Lighter in weight.  Still the case alone is $300 .
>> This case does not have the internal Optima sub chassis (weight) and rails.
>> ?
>> Suggest you look at Mike?s multiple vintage computer offerings (web site)
>> AND
>> His YouTube Videos (deramp5113).  Here is the Altair 8800c, shown November
>> 2018
>> greg
>> w9gb
>> ==
>> From: Tom Hunter <ccth6600 at>
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>> Subject: Altair 8800 reproduction
>> About 10 years ago Grant Stockly in Anchorage Alaska produced high quality
>> MITS Altair 8800 reproductions in kit form. The website still exists:
>> I have tried to contact Grant but did not get a reply. Does anyone know if
>> these kits are still available? Is Grant on this forum?
>> Alternatively is somebody else making complete Altair 8800 kits? I have
>> found people making individual boards but not a complete kit.
>> There is also the Altair 8800 clone which is based on a PIC microcontroller
>> emulating the entire original Altair 8800. It is cute but not the real
>> thing.
>> Thanks
>> Tom Hunter
>> Sent from iPad Air

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