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>> Infocom's games were based on Crowther, after all.
> Inspired by, not "based on".
> ADVENT was written in Fortran 66. I'm not sure what Crowther used
> originally, but Don Woods version was developed on a DECsystem-10 running
> TOPS-10.

Well, it was darned near 50 years ago, so I can only recall what was on
the DECSystem10 tape, except for very general details.   It only took a
couple of days to re-work in CDC FORTRAN and I lost interest quickly.  I
do recall that there were a number of DEC FORTRAN "peculiarities" that
had to be ironed out.

I didn't even bother to get it working on the CDC STAR even though I had
access to resources.

I believe that there's even a CP/M-80 version wandering around.  I've
got a copy of that somewhere.

The only other "serious" game I recall fooling with was Chess 3.0 to run
under the Zodiac operating system.  It used its own peculiar display
driver, CHD, which had to be EDITLIB-ed into the system library, because
it was played on the DD60 operator's console..  A great time-killer if
you've got dedicated block time and are waiting for something to
complete. Even on a 6600, it really sucked up CPU time.

Of course, now I'm speaking gibberish to most of the audience, so I'll
shut up.


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