Altair 8800 reproduction

Tom Hunter ccth6600 at
Thu Jul 23 22:15:34 CDT 2020

Hi Greg,

I saw Mike Douglas' Altair 8800c but he writes on his website that this is
not a complete kit. I got the impression that he offers only the front
panel PCBs, FDC and SIO and maybe the S100 motherboard.

Thank you for the link to the S100computers group. There is a lot of useful
info there.

I am retired now and always wanted an Altair 8800. It is time to make that
dream reality. The easiest and more affordable path would be the Altair
8800 clone but somehow I am more attracted to the non-emulated

Thanks again
Tom Hunter

On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 3:02 AM Greg Beat <gregory.beat at> wrote:

> Tom,
> Grant moved shortly after this Kit offering, over a decade ago.
> That kit is OVER (Grant no longer offering).
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> Grant special ordered the metal fabrication, at that time, from the
> original metal fabricators (Optima, $$), who have gone thru mergers &
> off-shoring.
> Mike Douglas looked into that chassis possibility — but was cost
> prohibitive (>$300).
> Mike Douglas offers BOTH the Altair Clone (you referenced) AND
> the Altair 8800c Kits (November 2018).  This case he had fabricated is a
> close look-a-like, but Lighter in weight.  Still the case alone is $300 .
> This case does not have the internal Optima sub chassis (weight) and rails.
> Suggest you look at Mike’s multiple vintage computer offerings (web site)
> His YouTube Videos (deramp5113).  Here is the Altair 8800c, shown November
> 2018
> greg
> w9gb
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> From: Tom Hunter <ccth6600 at>
> To: "General Discussion” <cctalk at>
> Subject: Altair 8800 reproduction
> About 10 years ago Grant Stockly in Anchorage Alaska produced high quality
> MITS Altair 8800 reproductions in kit form. The website still exists:
> I have tried to contact Grant but did not get a reply. Does anyone know if
> these kits are still available? Is Grant on this forum?
> Alternatively is somebody else making complete Altair 8800 kits? I have
> found people making individual boards but not a complete kit.
> There is also the Altair 8800 clone which is based on a PIC microcontroller
> emulating the entire original Altair 8800. It is cute but not the real
> thing.
> Thanks
> Tom Hunter
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