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Grant Taylor cctalk at
Thu Jul 23 11:32:42 CDT 2020

On 7/22/20 11:32 PM, Grant Taylor wrote:
> I asked @bmoshix what the system was.  I've not gotten a reply yet.

@bmoshix replied that it's Linux running on a mainframe.

> I half way expect that it's Docker running on z/OS.

So, apparently not Docker running on z/OS.

> It could be Docker on Linux on Z, but I'd be mildly surprised by that.

I'm mildly surprised.

> I doubt it's Linux on a more typical system.  Though the following 
> file name in the dump makes me think it's AMD-64 architecture.
> /usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s

Now I'm more confused as to why asm_amd64.s, something I assume is 
related to x86_64 ~> PC (compatible) is being used.

I wonder if the copies of the games that @bmoshix is running were 
written for a mainframe or a PC (compatible).  The latter makes more 
sense with the asm_amd64.s and comments about installing these games on 
a PC.

Grant. . . .
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