Looking for copy of BASIC ROM for HP 3396B Integrator II

Martin.Hepperle at dlr.de Martin.Hepperle at dlr.de
Wed Jul 22 09:19:45 CDT 2020

Recently, I obtained a HP 3396B Integrator II.

This is a device for the chemical analysis laboratory. I had hoped that this device contained a BASIC interpreter, but this was not the case.

Through the serial interface I can connect a terminal program. Pressing CTRL+BREAK outputs the sign-on message serial interface:

Unfortunately, typing "BX" for "Basic eXternal" on the keyboard tells me:

So I am wondering, whether I can install a BASIC by replacing the ROM with an EPROM.

According to the  "Installation and Service Manual", the ROM U 110 came in two versions:
Z-80 Standard-ROM   03396-80012
Z-80 BASIC-ROM      03396-80032
This means that the BASIC is NOT in the cradled EPROM but in the ROM in the lower right corner of the PCB.
My ROM 80013 is probably an revision of 80012.

So: I need a copy of the 03396-80032 ROM chip.

Additionally, if someone has the manual "RS232 Programming Manual", P/N 03396-90335", for the 3396 integrator. it would be great if he could scan the document and make the content available.

[I have the remaining manuals and already sent scans to the HP Museum in Australia for making them available o their site.

Main PCB:
+----------------+                +----------------+
| PPP EPROM      |                | U 111          |
| 27C011-200V10  |                | 27C010-150V10  |
| 03396-80106    |                | 03396-80023    |
+----------------+                +----------------+

+----------------+                +----------------+
| U 317          |                | U 110          |
| 27128A         |                | ROM            |
| 03396-80043    |                | 03396-80013    |
+----------------+                +----------------+

Opening the Case
- remove transparent cover from printer compartment by pressing the hinge flaps inside
- remove 2 screws close to rear edge, from top
- remove 2 screws in printer compartment from top
- remove keyboard:
  - keyboard is "hinged" at the front with three rigid noses
  - use a pry tool to open the 3 latches at the rear edge of the keyboard plate
  - lift the rear edge and pull the plate back
  - if you are careful, the ribbon cable can stay in place, you can thread the keyboard plate through the case opening
- lift case cover upwards

Thank you for reading,


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