AlphaServer 2100s available

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Wed Jul 22 09:52:59 CDT 2020

Just found the specs. "Typical" installed weight 75kg, max 100kg. Minus power supplies and drives I think two fairly strong people could lift into a car as long as the tailgate is fairly low. 

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I'd be very interested in one of these. Depending where in Oxfordshire I'm probably within 90 minutes drive.

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I have three AlphaServer 2100 systems in storage in the UK (Oxfordshire). The storage, however, is due to be demolished (soon, but no fixed date).

I won't have room to store these three systems, so if anyone would be interested in offering them a home, then please get in touch!

I can probably get some pictures in the next day or two.

These systems were SMP Alphas and could sport as many as 4 CPUs. I'm not sure of the configuration of these systems but I can probably find that out soon.

They have not been run since ~2003 so they may be in need of some TLC. 
OTOH they are not rusted to death so you have a chance of getting them back to life.

Just so you know what you might be dealing with these systems are about: 
700mm H x 430mm W x 810mm L.

I can't find the weight in any of my references right now but they are 
very heavy. Three people can move them up a slight slope with some 
effort but you would not successfully lift it into a car (assuming that 
it would fit). I'm planning to dismantle them to move them (i.e. remove 
PSU/PSUs etc. until they are light enough to move). A tail-lift would 
probably be the sane way to go (and is, indeed, how they got to their 
current location.

I'm hoping that someone can step forward and offer one or more of these 
machines a new home. Please contact me off-list (once you're sure you 
understand what you are getting into :-)).


Antonio Carlini
antonio at

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