System Pro WAS RE: Compaq Smart Array 3200 Controller as a SCSI Controller

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Sat Jul 18 16:31:14 CDT 2020

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 2:38 PM Grant Taylor via cctalk <
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> On 7/16/20 12:07 PM, Ali wrote:
> > MS LanMan was Microsoft's networking OS of choice before NT. The base
> > OS I believe was based on MS OS/2 1.31.
> I'm trying to discern if it was it's own independent OS, or if it was
> more a package of a COTS OS (OS/2) and LAN Man package, like Back Office
> / Small Business Server are Windows <version> Server OS and packages.

I believe that "OS/2 LAN Server" was part of "OS/2 1.3 Extended Edition".
Extended Edition also included
some kind of SNA gateway, iirc, and probably other things I have zero
recollection of.  The product had a
notion of "domains" at this point, although I don't know if this was a new
feature introduced with the OS/2
version or if previous products already had it.


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