Compaq Smart Array 3200 Controller as a SCSI Controller

Grant Taylor cctalk at
Fri Jul 17 16:04:42 CDT 2020

On 7/17/20 2:42 PM, Paul Berger via cctalk wrote:
> I had a disk that went over a SMART threshold that was part of a mdadm 
> software mirror and it posted a message every time I rebooted warning of 
> impending doom.

That sounds like the typical S.M.A.R.T. alert from the BIOS.  Not 
something from the kernel.  If it was the kernel, I'd like to know more 
about it.

> The systems I support professionally do try to warn the admins, but it 
> seems that frequently no notice is taken until the level of redundancy 
> is exceeded at which time the issue becomes more difficult to ignore, 
> and then begins the waling and gnashing of teeth......

Yep.  I suspect many, if not most, of us have been in that teeth 
gnashing situation.

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