Help identifying mystery Dataram VAX-11/750 (?) board

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Thu Jul 16 15:34:05 CDT 2020

Hi all --

Picked up a board advertised as a "4mb memory board" for a VAX-11/750.
It's made by Dataram and I'm unsure of the model number, based on photos of
it.  I just noticed that rather than being a hex-height board that goes in
the memory backplane, it looks like a board that goes in the main CMI
backplane.  It also appears to have 16mb of ECC memory on it, rather than

My thought is either (1) it's not actually for an 11/750 (in which case I'm
curious what it would go into), or (2) it completely replaces the memory
controller and standard memory and gives you 16mb in the 750.  (Or it could
be that it's something else entirely.)

If anyone has any ideas or has a source of information, let me know.  I put
up a few pictures here:

Thanks as always,
- Josh

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