interfacing DSI NC 2400 tape reader/punch

Bill Degnan billdegnan at
Wed Jul 15 21:38:32 CDT 2020

Is there a trick to archiving tapes to PC using Teraterm from a DSI NC 2400
reader/punch?  Or is there a best software for this?  From the terminal I
can ctrl+Q to cause the reader to initiate a read of a test tape but I
can't capture the output of the tape through the modem port of the reader
into the serial port of my PC.  I tried various things with settings.

I was told it uses hardware flow control.  The reader is set correctly as
far as I can tell.  I am using 2400/8/n/1 but I have tried other settings.
I get no response from the terminal inbound at all.  I am using a USB to
serial interface that I know works with an RS232 modem, but it may not work
with the reader.  If so, I'd like to know if anyone has a
similar experience.

It may not be straight forward and I have to make a custom cable.  I will
keep at it, report if I find the answers.


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