Gotek Floppy Drive Emulators in general and as RX50/RX33 replacements

Grant Taylor cctalk at
Wed Jul 15 14:06:22 CDT 2020

On 7/15/20 12:43 PM, Derek Newland via cctalk wrote:
> I was hoping to see some discussion about the Gotek. I too have one, 
> but have not used it yet (mainly due to lack of a Windows machine), 
> and am curious about the firmware and software requirements.

I've got a GoTek 1.44 MB.  I've not done much with it.

I remember that loading images onto the flash drive was annoying without 
the software.  Obviously you can change to the disk image number and 
copy the contents to it from the host.  But purportedly there is 
software that will work with the flash drive directly under Windows and 
Linux.  (I've not used it.)

I've also read that the GoTek treats the flash drive as a big block of 
storage that is simply divided up such that each disk image number is at 
a different address range of the device.

I have read that there is a 3rd party firmware that will allow the GoTek 
to read and write files off of a normal file system on the flash drive. 
I've not yet experimented with this.

My understanding are based on a brief foray into the GoTek when I got it 
a few years ago.  I could easily have been wrong at the time and / or 
mis-remembering now.

Grant. . . .
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