Getting files off a 7300

Eric Smith spacewar at
Tue Jul 14 13:02:41 CDT 2020

> One oddity: The system came up but was faulting out on ports tty1 and 2.
Editing /etc/inittab fixed that, but the system *does* have a two serial
> port card expansion module. Wonder if the modules have to be in specific
> slots or something...

The UnixPC uses geographic addressing (like an Apple II, unlike an IBM PC),
so the I/O address of the hardware (Z8530 chip) is determined by the slot.
I thought the UnixPC kernel/drivers were smart enough to automatically
detect the serial card(s) in any slot, but it's been almost thirty years
since I dealt with that, so perhaps I'm misremembering.

The built-in serial port is one port of an NEC uPD7201 (or Intel 8274) at a
fixed address, so the driver for that should always be present.

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