RK11-D "diskless" test ZRKJE0???

Jerry Weiss jsw at ieee.org
Thu Jul 9 20:29:06 CDT 2020

On 7/9/20 7:02 PM, Robert Armstrong via cctech wrote:
>   I have an 11/04 with an RK11-D.  I have a couple of RK05s, but I 
> wanted to test the controller before I start working on the drives.  
> The PDP11 Diagnostic Handbook says that ZRKJ?? "checks only the 
> drive-independent logic of the RK11 controller. no drive is 
> needed..."  I assumed that meant it was a diskless test, but now I'm 
> not sure that's true.  Can anyone confirm or deny this? Does anyone 
> have a listing of ZRKJE0?

>   I'm starting to wonder if this diagnostic really works w/o a drive 
> attached, or if these errors are expected.
Yes.. it only requires the controller.  See the notes in the listing.


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