IBM System/36 5360 For Sale - Alabama

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Tue Jul 7 17:55:39 CDT 2020

Hey Alan!

I’m afraid his opening bid will not allow him to come down into the range of realistic prices, but you know how bad I want this machine. :)

I was considering a road trip down there to get pictures and see what documentation and software might come with it. If it came with the right goodies I’d be willing to pay more than it’s worth but that’s still a single digit percentage of what he’s asking. 

Wanna road trip sometime? It might be more productive to reason with him in person with cash in hand. 


> On Jul 7, 2020, at 3:13 PM, alan--- via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> I had a lengthy email exchange with Aaron at Almost Anything back in December over the machine.  They (Almost Anything) had a 5251 terminal listed on eBay for $699 for a very long time.  I originally inquired to see if he had the keyboard for it.  He forwarded me a sold eBay link to it for something like $1800.  I tried to explain to him that the terminal is pretty much worthless without the keyboard.  He wouldn't budge on price.
> He let me know then that the S/36 was soon to be available.  But from our previous context I figured it would be at an insane price point.  He did say the previous owner was actively using it in a small business capacity the day before they picked the unit up.  It originally had 4 terminals with keyboards.  But they've all been separated/sold since except for the one he's providing with the console terminal.
> He's clearly fishing for a market price.  But the starting bait price will influence his value perception.
> If anyone is seriously interested in it, I do live in Atlanta - about 75 minutes from Opelika, AL.  I could be talked into going down and talking a look/photos of it before you buy.  I have a soft spot for IBM Midrange and some deep pockets
> -Alan H.
>> On 2020-07-07 11:47, Liam Proven via cctech wrote:
>>> On Tue, 7 Jul 2020 at 04:08, STAN IRWIN via cctalk
>>> <cctalk at> wrote:
>>> I recently found an IBM System/36 5360 for sale, with 5251 Terminal and Keyboard. System is supposed to be in good running condition, taken out of service in September 2019, single owner. Asking price seems to be about 10k (!).
>>> Anyone interested should go to this link:
>>> Vintage 1979 IBM 5251 Beam Spring Mechanical Keyboard 7361073 System 36 34 | Almost Anything
>> That is not a link, and I don't know about anyone else, but I had
>> never heard of "Almost anything" before.
>> The items are in Alabama, in the USA.
>> This seems to be the keyboard:
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