SCSI2SD & Amiga's (was: About to dump a bunch of Compaq SCSC...)

Ethan O'Toole ethan at
Tue Jul 7 13:02:02 CDT 2020

> Am I correct that a v5.1 SCSI2SD should work just fine?  Anything I need 
> to be aware of?

I run a SCSI2SD on my A2500 with whatever SCSI card it has by default. The 
only issue that I have is the SCSI2SD boots slower than the Amiga, so when 
I power on the Amiga I have to wait a few seconds then do the A+A+Control 
reboot three finger salute (or whatever it is.) Before it's ready the 
Amiga just sits at a white screen forever, but after a reboot the SCSI2SD 
is ready and it boots fine.

Extra FRIGGIN awesome is I can pull the SD card out, shove it in a Win10 
laptop and boot the same OS on WinUAE... copy stuff on, pull SD card out 
stuff it back in the physical system and go.

It would be nice if the SCSI2SD was mounted on a expansion cover plate 
though, with the LEDs visible and the SD card accessible externally.

  -- : 
Ethan O'Toole

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