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No, I spoke to him in April/May and had  a date booked to go and pick up
stuff from his home, but then the warning about social distancing came
about and he told me to postpone.

At the time he was moving from his house and wanted everything gone, but
I don't know if he has done that yet as he has not called to re-schedule
the pickup of what he is throwing out :-(



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>> Nice.  I looked at fixing RT11 RTS applications like MACRO, but that's not
>> possible because the RT11 date format stops in the early 21st century (5 bit
>> year field).  Perhaps RT-11 has created a solution, but if so I don't know
>> it.
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>> It was my understanding that Jerome Fine did y2k fixes (commercially) for
>> rt11 years ago. Is he still around the list?
>> J
> Apparently Jerome Fine has not posted anything since July 2016. I believe he is/was retired and fairly old, it might be that he is deceased.

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