Location of ARPANET Protocol Handbook or its successor, online

s shumaker shumaker at att.net
Thu Jul 2 20:35:50 CDT 2020

DTIC has it as a citation with accession number ADA003890:


but doesn't have it online as a digital document


On 7/2/2020 4:57 PM, Will Senn via cctalk wrote:
> Hi,
> If this is off-topic, my apologies, but I know some of y'all were 
> there (Noel), so I'm hoping it's close enough to on-topic to garner a 
> successful response. I'm looking for the ARPANET Protocol Handbook by 
> Feinler, E. and Postel, J., published by SRI back in the day (revised 
> edition 1978) in an online format (pdf preferably, but anything 
> readable is fine. I came across the reference in RFC 790 - Assigned 
> Numbers. If it's been superceded and the successor is available, that 
> would probably work, too. Although, I prefer the earlier works for 
> concision.
> Regards,
> Will

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