Hp 21mx loader rom set

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Thanks a lot. Anyone wants me to dump the DS/1000 rev 1826 ROMs or are these already available?

What’s the CBL ROM? The one that’s on the cable interface card?



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On Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 22:20, CuriousMarc via cctech wrote:


I also have a 91740-80033/34/35 set which I don't know what it is. Does

anyone know? 


Those are DS/1000 revision 1826.


Page 3-130 of the HP "Communicator/1000 for Software Update 6.0" 

(5951-6201, December 1992) has a full list of the DS/1000 ROMs and 

revisions, as follows:


  91740-80001/02/03/16 -- Rev. 1740

  91740-80018/19/20/17 -- Rev. 1813

  91740-80033/34/35/48 -- Rev. 1826

  91740-80049/50/51/48 -- Rev. 1913

  91740-80064/65/66/48 -- Rev. 2003 (bad ROMs; withdrawn)

  91740-80067/68/69/48 -- Rev. 2003 (good ROMs)

  91740-80070/71/72/48 -- Rev. 2540 (adds 7974 loader; no DS change)


(The first three ROMs in each entry are the microcode ROMS; the fourth is 

the CBL ROM.)


Pages 3-104 through 3-136 of that document give the firmware revisions of 

all of the HP products then in support.



Anyhow, looking at the ROMs and dates, I suspect these are E/F

microcode only and would not work on the 21MX. 


All of the above are E/F-Series only.


                                      -- Dave



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