Unisys MCP (was: Re: UniSys ClearPath OS/2200 Express?)

Alan Perry aperry at snowmoose.com
Wed Jul 1 22:00:00 CDT 2020

On 7/1/20 12:33 PM, Antonio Carlini via cctalk wrote:
> On 01/07/2020 19:26, Alan Perry via cctalk wrote:
>> I submitted the form last night and got the download link about 8am 
>> Pacific time this morning. The download was 2.66G. I haven't installed 
>> it yet.
>> alan
> "The software license expires on July 31st of each calendar year and 
> must be renewed by re-registering with Unisys and then downloading and 
> installing a new package."
> Maybe I'll wait a few weeks before requesting a licence?

Got it installed and running on a Windows 10 VM on my MacBook. Pretty 
interesting, but I haven't used MCP since '89 and seldom used the ODT 
(console) on A Series systems when I did, so lots of trying to recall 
how to do stuff.

The disk image and machine config file are stored separately from 
ClearPath MCP Express, so I should be able to just point the new package 
to it when renewal time comes up.


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