More DECnet/E items

Tony Nicholson tony.nicholson at
Wed Jul 1 02:13:58 CDT 2020

Hi Paul,

Thanks for posting some Y2K fixes and enhancements for DECnet/E under

I've also used the Bitsavers source files for RSTS/E V10.1 to fix a Y2K bug
with handling RT-11 Y2k3 dates by the FIT program.

Are you interested in including my patched FIT.TSK for RSTS/E along with
your fixes.  I could also provide my modified BASIC-Plus source code to FIT
too (but releasing this too may have copyright limitations).

Also I remember seeing a Y2K patch kit from Mentec for RSTS/E V10.1 on a
TK50 tape.  I don't have a copy of it - but I think it also had some
additional Y2K fixes.  You wouldn't also have some of these too?

Thanks in advance.


Tony Nicholson <tony.nicholson at>

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