Naked Mini 73-53628 Information

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Wed Jan 29 19:41:34 CST 2020

I mapped out the Maxi-Bus using the Alpha manual. It seems relatively straight-forward.

The Linotron 202 reverse-engineering paper by Joe Condon, Brian Kernighan, and Ken Thompson mentions a 512x4 PROM containing boot code. It seems like the next step here is for me to identify this PROM and attempt to dump it and disassemble it.

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> Yes. Someone pointed that out on IRC. I feel pretty dense for not noticing that sooner!
> The CPU board is very similar in form and layout to the "Naked Milli" board. I can only find reference to this board in a sales pamphlet from 1976. My board says "Naked Mini" on it though...
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> > On 1/27/20 10:38 AM, TangentDelta via cctalk wrote:
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> > > From what I've been told, the Naked Mini CPU board is Nova compatible.
> >
> > very funny
> > look at the documentation on bitsavers, the only thing they have in common is that they are
> > both 16-bits

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