Assorted PCB ID?

Cory Heisterkamp coryheisterkamp at
Sat Jan 25 13:48:17 CST 2020

I found myself cleaning up the shop recently, and came across some vintage circuit boards I had stashed away 20 years ago. I’m curious if anyone can shed some light on what systems they originally went to. Here’s a link to the album…more info below. <>

#1 Marked Aeronutronic Address Buffer D700909. Socketed transistors and test points along leading edge with ID tab visible when installed.
#2 No name or brand marking, sides have cast aluminum rails and a clever locking mechanism. Transistors are 2N-167 in clips.
#3 Marked 'Power Supply 1534 8253'  5-1-70, single-sided with edge connector.
#4 Large card 11”x10”, Burroughs logo. Date stamp of Jun 1972. Not sure if someone has robbed some of the ICs or if this was optional population.
#5 Small 3x4 card, single-sided but every hole has an unusual pressed-in and flow-soldered barrel. Relays are marked Blue Bead 26.5V. Looks early Japanese. 4 corner brackets have threads swaged-in for mounting.


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