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Kevin Monceaux Kevin at RawFedDogs.net
Mon Jan 27 13:15:18 CST 2020

On Sun, Jan 19, 2020 at 11:30:31PM +0000, Kevin Parker via cctalk wrote:
> A we're all aware members on this list often dabble with other 
> technologies. In my very aggressive cleanup of my hobby space I came 
> across a number of U-Matic Video Tapes. If anyone is into this older 
> video technology and would like these 8 tapes please contact me off 
> list. (They are physically located in the south west of Victoria, 
> Australia)

I'm interested in the technology, but I'm on the wrong side of the world to
add these to my collection.  I have a few U-Matic tapes, but haven't found a
player yet.

To make this slightly less off topic, three of the U-Matic tapes I have are
in an SRA Computer Training Library boxed set containing:

    MVS Concepts and Facilities - Mini-Course 2 - Introduction to Job

    MVS Concepts and Facilities - Mini-Course 5 - MVS System Programs

    MVS:  JCL Coding - Mini-Course 11 - Requesting Space for DASD Data Sets

I found them in my current employer's document library years ago.  Any
player(s) we had were long gone, so I've never seen them.


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