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Mon Jan 27 10:29:53 CST 2020

On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 2:08 PM Noel Chiappa via cctalk
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> So I've decided to try and build up a KE11-A Extended Arithmetic Element. I
> have most of the boards (although I*m missing a M234 Register dual-width
> board, if anyone has one).

I have one but no spare parts.

> The main thing I'm missing at this point is a backplane.
> If not, if someone does have one, even if you want to hang onto it, I'd really
> appreciate good photos of the pin side of the backplane, so I have a more
> detailed idea (than just the prints) on how the wiring goes.

It's on my list to start examining and refurbing my PDP-11/20.  I will
take pictures when I get things started, but if anyone else has one,
feel free to jump in.  It will be some time before I get to mine.

> And speaking of the prints, although there are a scanned set online, they are
> pretty low-res, and some parts (e.g. the wire list, which was typical line
> printer output) are hard to read as a result. So a new scan would be really,
> really appreciated.

I will keep an eye out for my prints as I go through things.  I have
_some_ original prints from 1970 (with the characteristic cover page).
I will watch for the KE11A in the stack in the hopes that it's not a
copy of a copy of a copy.

I have wanted to restore mine for a long time - in particular, I want
to run the UNIX v1 kernel that's part of the PUPS collection.  About
the only major thing that I will have to emulate is the swap disk.  I
have an RK11-D and an RK11-C (if I can get that working).  I've been
starting the organization process for all of this but haven't begun
moving hardware yet.



> Thanks (I hope)!
>        Noel

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