recovering data from old hard drive

Jon Elson elson at
Sat Jan 25 13:57:15 CST 2020

I have dug out an old SCSI hard drive from 1997 that may 
have some interesting stuff, most especially the source
code for the SGI Iris flight sim demo.  I have a Linux 
system with an Adaptec 2940 (aic7880) that has two
connectors on it.  It SEEMS from some probing that the 
50-pin IDC connector on the top of the board is
single-ended SCSI (it seems to have mostly grounds on one 
row of pins).  Same for the drive, which is a Quantum
ProDrive LPS.  The drive spins up and does some seeking 
right after power-on, so it sounds like it is
working.  But, I can't seem to find that the drive is being 
recognized by the aic7xxx driver.
So, looking at /proc/scsi/aic7xxx/## I see the device 
addresses all show just the negotiation settings,
and /proc/scsi/scsi just shows my SATA devices but not the 
real SCSI ones.

I have the right cable to plug my old HP scanner into the 
mounting plate Honda connector, and it shows up
fine.  I could try getting a Honda to IDC-50 cable, but I 
thought the IDC50 connector on the board edge OUGHT to

Does anybody have any suggestions on what to try?



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