formatting and checking floppy disks for bad sectors

Fred Cisin cisin at
Thu Jan 16 00:12:25 CST 2020


Try bulk erasing your disks before you format them, because if you are 
reformatting a used disk, the content in the boot sector could confuse 
the operating system.

For PC-DOS, if track 0 is actually bad, then the disk can not be 
properly used for DOS.  It should be destroyed, or used on an operating 
system that does not need track 0. (many CP/M systems use track 0 as a 
system track, but don't need it for a data disk)

In some versions of DOS, there can be erroneous error messages about 
track 0 being bad, due to DOS not properly handling attempt to DMA 
straddling a 64K boundary.  If you get the message on all disks, then look 
at you CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files, and add or remove a TSR or 
device driver, so that the TPA (Transient Program Area) will be in a 
different place.

You have not told us which operating system,
size and type of diskette,
name of the "utility" that you are looking for, 
What is a "kiooyt"?

On Wed, 15 Jan 2020, wdegroot via cctalk wrote:

> i read / viewes a video on ormattinf a floppy with trk 0 bad
> i attempted to download the suggested utility
> bt it returned " filenot foiud:
> if there is sich a util, can you sedn me the file?
> it is annoying to have a kiooyt go bad te next tie it is used. 
> sometimes in minutes.
> i am generaly working wit oder stuss on ss retirement.

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