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Tapley, Mark B. mark.tapley at
Mon Jan 13 16:52:45 CST 2020

next thing to go from my pile is a set of Stylewriters.

2 ea. StyleWriter (1st generation)
2 ea. Color StyleWriter 1500
1 power supply for Stylewriter (condition very iffy)
1 power supply for Color StyleWriter 1500 (condition believed to be good)
1 spare circuit board (Stylewriter I believe, not certain)
3 spare ink cartridges (StyleWriter).


All printers believed to be operational when last stored. Some paper guides missing. I think I can plug in the CSW 1500’s and check power - on, at least. I *may* be able to plug in the SW’s and check power on, but I worry about that power supply (see below). I have not done any of the above, nor tried to plug a computer in to any of them, anytime this millennium.

At least one ink cartridge I think has a short which breaks printers. All ink cartridges are likely bricks by now, having been stored (climate-controlled, but …. ) for ~2 decades, so I’m pretty reluctant to try printing with any of them.

The StyleWriter power supply was worked on by someone rather ham-fisted (CoughMeCough) and is somewhat the worse for wear - structural parts rattling around inside, etc. (Is there a good name for those things? *Way* too big to be a wall-wart - wall-growth? wall-turret? wall-obstacle?)

All "Free to a Good Home", shipping from Texas, USA (Zip 78254) and I’ll split shipping costs with you (as before, I want space and I don’t want to add these to landfill). Partial orders filled in the order they come in.

I have checked with Operator Headgap and tried to check with the Mac rescue place in Denver, not interested in the first place and no response in the second.

Respond to (preferably) mtapley(at)<>, or phone below. I’ll be travelling the next couple of days, but will try to get back to you ASAP.

                                        - Mark
                                        210-522-6025 office
                                        210-379-4635 cell

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