Hello All - new member in the UK

Salik Rafiq salikmrafiq at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 03:37:30 CST 2020

I have sent the vendor of this item questions on ebay what you asked.

It includes the keyboard x 2, mice x 2, CPU and monitor as well as those manuals. My offer was going to be £350 = €408

Vendor does not know which Solaris it is. So perhaps not familiar with Unix? It might be he inherited from a family member.

Bit of a toy - only meant for a university project of mine which I did on a Sparcstation 2 to show my kids that Xbox was not the beginning of time with computers! LOL


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sön 2020-01-12 klockan 21:12 +0000 skrev Salik Rafiq:
> I have seen this one on eBay.
> https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sparcstation-5/192930718968?hash=item2ceb91
> 24f8:g:VZ0AAOSwYbpc7EhK
> What do you think about the price. It seems to be booting and running 
> with Solaris.
> Salik.

Is it a plain SS5 (those two SS10s was upgraded a fair/very bit) ?

Compared with them (the two SS10 in Germany) this one is slower, but it is in the UK and probably close to you and it isn't heavy so the whole system and the kbd will fit inside a bag so it's a nice but somewhat expensive amusement/reason (and a bit better than that) to sit on the train a few hours.

It is SCA-2 equipped so it is a fair bit easier getting disks for it.
Pitty, i wonder if the machine (SS5) has the builtin flex disk and the cd-rom ?
The seller didn't include photo of the right side and no word about the CPU (or photos of the inside) but it boots !
Is the IDPROM replaced ??? The battery in the original one is probably toast so but less of a problem.

Still that 5 is from 1995 or so and the SS10s 1993 or so but the CPUs (the machines in germany) is a little bit newer but 500 pound vs 400 euro ???

If i went and bough one of the machines in germany - the difference is so large that if i took 150 pound or so to pay for fuel, driving to them to pick up them and then home - that would even up (i'm about 9 hour by car from them.)

How is the SS5 equipped (if it is a machine with internal floppy and
cdrom) and with the fact that it is SCA-2 and it boots, well then it looks better.

Stefan N S

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