Old Nokia/alfaskop 3270 terminal

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 06:15:10 CST 2020


What kind of Alfaskop terminal do you have?

Incidentally, me and a friend has been working quite a lot with Alfaskop
terminals lately. I have been refurbishing a complete Alfaskop S41 terminal
cluster with terminal , floppy unit and terminal controller. In the process
I have dumped all PROMs, PALs and FPLAs so that my friend could create an
emulation of the system in MAME.

A bit of the project is described here:


and here:


This short clip show when we just recently managed to boot the terminal and
the communication processor.


Aside from getting emulation of the cluster we are working on building a
gateway to bridge IBM BSC to TN3270 so that the system could be used with
Hercules. Then also we are looking into creating hardware so that the
emulated communication processor could talk over the proprietary interface
used by the system with a real Alfaskop terminal.

So the answer to your question is that to get an Alfaskop running you need
the communcation processor and a floppy drive. There are some variants that
are more self contained. The older System S37 had a model which included
the emulation software in ROM. But I doubt that one had a setup menu. It
had very simple 8 bit TTL CPU.

Then the system 41 could run in standalone mode. But it still required a
floppy drive to load the software from.

I don't know much about the later models, but my understanding is that
those also booted from the communication processor, the 9101.


Den lör 11 jan. 2020 kl 00:13 skrev Dave Wade via cctalk <
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> Folks,
> Can any one remember how to get an AlfaSkop terminal into local setup mode>
> Dave Wade

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