Info / packs for Amcodyne 7110 "Arapahoe" drive?

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Fri Jan 10 17:20:11 CST 2020

I have one or two packs and a drive in the museum but that's all.  If I had a surplus of packs I'd be happy to share...

David Collins

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I checked my drive, pn 7110S-HP
likely SASI, that DTC board is a SASI to HPIB bridge

Maybe HPMuseum knows where there are used packs. My drive looks like it came off of a HP1000 system (LU40 and 42)

I just checked all of the scans I made from Crisis Computer's service library and it figures I didn't scan the binder with 7907 info. From the binder inventory I did, they had the depot hardware manual.

On 1/10/20 1:47 PM, Josh Dersch wrote:
> Thanks everyone for the information -- that definitely looks like the 
> same drive mechanism.  I had no idea HP sold a drive like that.
> I think I may wait for the price to come down a bit on those packs, though :).

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