Vintage computing spots in Chicago?

Jim Manley jim.manley at
Tue Jan 7 10:43:28 CST 2020

Hi John,

You may already be aware of it and visited if you've ever been to Chicago,
but, the Museum of Science and Industry is well worth a visit if you don't
find anything more computing oriented that's more interesting.  You can
check out their current exhibits and search for computing exhibits at

Any Uber driver will know where it is, but just in case, the physical
address is 5700 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60637.  There are tons of park
area surrounding it, but, at this time of year and with it being right on
Lake Michigan, you might need to stay indoors lest you become yet-another
ice sculpture!

The captured Nazi U-boat, U-505, is now inside its own nice, warm exhibit
hall, high and dry, and can be entered for tours, along with its Enigma
encryption/decryption machine artifacts on display adjacent to it.  The
machine, rotors, encryption settings books, etc., are all there, that were
captured before the crew could send off a radio message warning that the
material had been compromised, and before the sub could be scuttled.

All the Best,

On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 7:30 AM John Herron via cctalk <cctalk at>

> Made the mistake of not defining that path early on so mostly personal/home
> computing. But anything I find interesting or historically interesting
> often finds a way home. I think my largest sets are Commodore and
> Tandy/radio shack.
> I see a store called freegeek and "Chicago computer club" which seems to be
> a store but geared towards businesses? I'm wondering if either of those
> would be worth a visit.
> On Tue, Jan 7, 2020, 12:11 AM Tom Uban via cctalk <cctalk at>
> wrote:
> > On 1/5/20 5:39 PM, John Herron via cctalk wrote:
> > > I'll be in Chicago for a week soon for a work event. Limited time for
> > > myself but I'll have some time Sunday to maybe Uber around. Any
> > suggestions
> > > or cool spots for a computer collector to hit?
> > >
> > > I see a museum of broadcast communications is close to where I'll be
> > which
> > > may be neat. Not sure if there are any used stores that might have
> > vintage
> > > computers but always willing to try.
> > What do you collect?
> >

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