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Guy Sotomayor ggs at
Sun Jan 5 12:02:16 CST 2020

On Sun, 2020-01-05 at 03:56 -0500, Jeffrey S. Worley via cctalk wrote:
> A lot of odd PPC work happened in a group a friend worked for
> inAustin TX, but not sure if they did Netware work there.? There was
> a lot ofOS2 work there as well, but that's off track a bit more.
> thanksJim
> I was lead tech at a small computer company in Asheville, NC. in
> thosedays.  I ran OS/2 from version 2 in the early 90's to
> Ecomstation inthe early 2000's.
> Does Talingent Pink sound familiar?  OS/2 was ported to powerPC, and
> sowas Netware iirc.  The field was quite busy with hopeful
> Microsoftkillers.  OS/2 was to be morphed into a cross-platform o/s,
> to weanfolks from dos/x86..... Then PPC kills the x86 and we all get
> a decentos.  That was the plan anyway.   I never saw OS2 for PPC or
> Netware forOS/2, thought I know both to have shipped.
> Jeff

Yes, Taligent Pink is very familiar (and I still have the scars to
prove it!).I was part of the IBM team that evaluated Pink.  We (IBM)
was mainly looking atit to see how to converge OS's between IBM and least in terms of themicro-kernel.  The Pink teams was shall
we say "difficult to work with".
I had been working on the IBM Microkernel (was one of the original 6
people onthat team).  It was eventually to form the basis of OS/2 for
PPC.  The way thatthe microkernel project was structured was that most
of the "OS" was personalityneutral (e.g. could be used for Unix, OS/2,
DOS, etc) and then there was an OSpersonality that ran on top of the
infrastructure.  OS/2 on PPC was supposed tobe the first to ship.

TTFN - Guy

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