SCO software box last chance

Tapley, Mark B. mark.tapley at
Sat Jan 4 22:04:10 CST 2020

have not yet brought myself to throw away this big box of SCO software. Last call, though.
I’ll pay media rate to get it to you in the US, just let me know that you want it and where to ship it. If you are abroad, email me and we can split postage, depending on total price.

SCO OpenServer (TM)
Development System
Documentation Package

Version 5.0

Part Number: 505-000-101

Model Number: MC105-UX00-5.0

Order Number: 87873506

Big Aqua-colored bocx that says, SCO: It’s Business Critical,. It’s SCO.

                                        - Mark
                                        210-522-6025 office
                                        210-379-4635 cell

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