DEC flat cables

David Gesswein djg at
Sat Jan 4 07:57:40 CST 2020

   Has anyone found a good method for repairing the DEC flat cables?
The ones with flat wires with plastic laminated to each side. The glue
holding the plastic on fails and you end up with two sheets of plastic and
loose wires.

I had some success with contact cement but it only glues the plastic to
the flat wires since it doesn't have any body. I tried one of the rubbery
adhesives but it wouldn't set. I assume the plastic prevented evaporation
of the solvent. I assume the air cure products would have the same issue.

I assume two part or UV cure products if UV makes it through the plastic
might work better since they come thick enough to fill between the wires.
I've never used any of these to know if they may be a better choice.

Desirable would be reasonably quick set.

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