Odd vintage computer sellers

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Sat Jan 4 04:32:21 CST 2020

tor 2020-01-02 klockan 11:36 -0800 skrev Cameron Kaiser via cctalk:
> > 
> It's really rather ludicrous, given how even the IDT Solbournes
> really only
> run OS/MP. My affection for them is largely nostalgia; as SPARC
> systems they
> are quite finicky and the later SPARCstations surpassed even the
> S4100 in
> performance. It's really the S3000 that's the gem because of that
> wacky
> plasma display.

Solbourne positioned the later multi-processor MP systems against
the Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 as long as the software mix gained from
multiprocessing were they a potent method of getting more CPU
especially if your app sw was dependent on SunOS 4.

When Solaris 2.5 came out or more properly when SunOS 5 with its
mp support became stable enough and more vendors ported their
software to SunOS 5 solbourne lost their edge against Sun.

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