IBM RS/6000 Model 320 (7012-320) SCSI cabling

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Sat Jan 4 00:31:34 CST 2020

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> Does anyone have a spare internal or external SCSI cable for the IBM RS/6000 Model 320 with the IBM MCA SCSI-1 card (3-1)? For those who don’t know/remember, this card uses a pair of edge connectors (like MFM/ESDI) rather than an IDC connector to connect to its internal two-drop cable, and its external connector is a **sixty-pin** higher-density Centronics connector.

I had (2x) 7012-320 20MHz and (1x) 7012-320H 25MHz desktop systems
over 10 years ago that I couldn't give away locally. I ended up taking
them to a local PC recycler.

I don't have any internal SCSI cables left from those systems. I do
still have a 70F9733 5-foot external SCSI cable that has the weird
60-pin connector on the system end, and the weird pass-thru normal
50-pin connector on the device end. I haven't had any use for that
70F9733 SCSI cable since I got rid of those systems.

The device end is weird because it could plug into the deep recessed
connector on the external SCSI tape or CD-ROM drive, which only had a
single connector, and then either a terminator or another cable could
be chained onto the second pass-thru connector on the cable device end

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