NetWare for PowerPC was Re: Portlock Storage Manager?

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Thu Jan 2 13:37:51 CST 2020

> > Anyone on here remember NetWare? :P
> I started and ran a network VAR company which was both Novell (Netware)
> Certified and IBM Business Partners. We sold a LOT of Netware, associated
> network cards, cabling and services. Both Novell and IBM were a terrific
> partners - and provided us with outstanding products for our customers. They
> also helped make us very profitable. It was the best of all worlds ;)
> IMHO, in the late 80's and early 90's Novell servers, and then Netware, were
> the best networking game in town!

Anyone done anything with Netware *for PowerPC*? Allegedly there was
some attempt at Apple to put it on what later became the Network Servers
(the codename was apparently "Wormhole").

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