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Thu Jan 2 01:41:28 CST 2020

>>> I ordered two from Mouser this week.
>> And paid in much in S&H (if not more) to buy the two from Mouser then it 
>> would have cost to get 50 from China... ;)
> And what would I do with 50 when I need 2?

I often order from DigiKey or Mouser, but I build ("manufacture") some 
electronic products in small batches, and I can often piggy-back some 
personal items onto one of those orders to save shipping.

I also frequently order items will-call from Jameco, which is located about 
two miles from my house.  They certainly don't have the huge stock or 
up-to-date parts that DigiKey and Mouser do, and their web site is 
atrocious, but I certainly can't beat the convenience.  They have a far 
larger variety of stock than Fry's or Radio Shack ever did, and they're 
generally a lot cheaper than a retail store, or even DK or M.

Surprisingly, there's still an old-school electronics store in the area, 
too: Sam Mateo Electronics.  They even have an old-style drug store tube 
tester, although they don't stock tubes any more (I think).

When I'm buying parts, or almost anything except for tools, I usually order 
more than I need.  Over the (many, many) years, this has resulted in me 
having a range of parts and other material "in stock" that I would have 
totally envied in my younger years.  I've now reached the point where I'm 
trying to adapt my designs to make do with the parts I have in stock, rather 
than having to order new ones.  Unlike in earlier years, this isn't due to 
cost, but rather to try to use up all of the *stuff* I've accumulated over 
the years...
Mark Moulding

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