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Nigel Johnson nw.johnson at ieee.org
Wed Jan 1 20:51:59 CST 2020

And for those who own old vibrator sets, the Royal Signals Amateur Radio 
Club in the UK makes batches of solid state plug-in vibrators.

I just love the smell of the anti-fungal spray and the hum of warm 
valves on those old radios!

There will always be ways and means to find parts for old equipment - 
and the internet makes it easier to find them. No, you cannot walk into 
a store and buy them, but that is is another sign of the times.   I just 
needed some rolls of hookup wire - instead of putting the snowshoes on 
and traipsing through the snowdrifts, I just clicked on an Amazon button 
and let their drivers worry about getting it to me!



On 01/01/2020 21:45, William Donzelli via cctalk wrote:
>> I don't weep and moan about something from the past vanishes because of
>> lack of interest,
> Is the list not all about interest in obsolete computer technology,
> and getting these weird old machines going again?
>> any more than I weep about the unavailability of RTL
>> flatpacks or variocouplers or UV201s.
> Variocouplers and UV-201s? Bring them on. The market for those items
> still exists, and is quite decent. The old timers still know how the
> surplus market works.
>>   How much of a run do you imagine
>> that 5V TTL logic will have?  It's pretty much incompatible with tiny
>> cell geometries.
> Um...again...this list? 7400 logic is still in demand, to a smallish
> extent, with hobbyists. Like people trying to get PDP-11s and stuff
> going again.
> But it really does not matter. I could have a pallet of currentish
> RPis, and, well, I would end up dying with a pallet of RPis.
> --
> Will


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