Ordering parts onesie twosie

Jon Elson elson at pico-systems.com
Wed Jan 1 16:42:12 CST 2020

On 01/01/2020 04:11 PM, ben via cctalk wrote:
> On 1/1/2020 11:36 AM, William Donzelli via cctalk wrote:
>> I am no longer marketing modern(ish) electronic 
>> components for retail
>> - there is no money there. All that stuff - 1000s of ICs and
>> capacitors and connectors are going out for metal 
>> recovery. Yes, it
>> hits home.
>> -- 
>> Will
> Let us not forget, places like Digikey (sp) tend to have 
> only the latest
> surface mount stuff, not handy to find thru the hole 
> parts, or not so common part, like 120 ns one vers 200 ns 
> one. But on the other hand
> Digikey has true overnight shipping, order before say 5 pm 
> and get it the next day.
Digi-Key still has plenty of through-hole parts, although 
less than the 2 million+ items they once stocked.
Since I have a P&P machine, I, too, have moved over to using 
as much SMT as possible, but still use
a lot of through-hole connectors and power transistors.  
Their search engine is great, and this has pushed
other distributors to upgrade their search capability.


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