Ordering parts onesie twosie

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Wed Jan 1 11:23:07 CST 2020

I could see the writing on the wall when the local independent
electronics parts supplier (Norvac) closed in the 90s.  That left
mail-order or Radio Shack, but the smaller stores who had very limited
inventories.   I still have my portable all-band radio that I bought
around that time.  It cost, IIRC, somewhere around $200.  I listened to
the BBC World Service a lot during that time.  I remember first hearing
about 9/11 on the WS.

Now, of course, who listens to shortwave broadcast radio?  The Internet
has killed off a lot of things, broadcast radio and TV among them.
Local electronics part suppliers seem to just be collateral damage.

You do what you have to using the best available resources.   Sadly,
local manufacturers and suppliers are no longer options.


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