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Wed Feb 26 19:49:50 CST 2020


I had my 4054A display stop erasing when you press PAGE key or BASIC PAGE

I found the 4054 Parts and Schematics Service Manual on bitsavers.org at

I've narrowed my issue using that manual to a 74123 one-shot multivibrator
that creates a short delay for the erase to complete.  I've got a 74123 IC
ordered and should get it this week.

When I upgraded my 4054 to 4054A with an F39 option kit - the MAS board and
the IO Board were both upgraded.  Those schematics aren't in the 4054
service manual.

Then I remembered my list of your documents at Living Computer Museum - and
there was an 4054A Update to the 4054 Parts and Schematics.
I've asked the Museum to scan the manual update and I'll post the scan - so
it can be saved on bitsavers.org too.

BTW - I plan to exhibit my 4054A with the 4907 floppy drive system at VCF
Pacific Northwest Festival at Living Computers Museum on March 21 and 22.


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> Good find!  Good luck!
> mcl

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