Seeking Zenith Data Systems Z183-92 documentation

JP Hindin jplist2008 at
Mon Feb 24 16:52:54 CST 2020

On Mon, 24 Feb 2020, Eric Christopherson wrote:
>       I picked up a ZDS Z183-92 laptop over the weekend alongside a Kodak
>       Diconix 150 portable inkjet printer.
> Is that close to a ZWL-183-93? My partner just picked up one of those, and its brick can be described as:
> Model 150-308
> DC 16.5v 2A
> Center neg

I genuinely have no idea, you would certainly think so, wouldn't you? It's 
definitely centre-negative (given it works on the Diconix supply which is 
the same). I do actually have several 16.5V supplies from other old 
laptops, but I'm seriously hesitant to throw something that may be too 
high into it when it appears to identify itself as "12V" - regardless, 
it's another data point, thank you very much.

I suppose I should open it up and inspect the PCB for any identifying 
markings, but I'm off to San Diego for work for the next few days and I 
don't want to take it to bits and not have the time to properly clean it 
up and put it back together again before I go... the memory isn't good 
enough to be confident I'll remember how it went together a week later :)


  - JP

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