Looking for manual for Panasonic KX-D4930

mark at markesystems.com mark at markesystems.com
Sun Feb 23 12:11:06 CST 2020

The Panasonic KX-D4930 is a “Laptop Data Terminal”, which includes both a (non-backlit) LCD screen and a thermal printer in a laptop-like package.  It was obviously intended to supplant the Silent-700, and in fact appears to do so quite nicely.  It has an internal modem (Bell 212) as well as a 25-pin EIA connection, and can even be run from an internal 12-volt battery.

However, either my Google-fu is exceptionally poor, or there’s truly no copy of its manual available on the Web.  I do have the manual for the KX-D20, which is a VT-100 emulation cartridge for the terminal, but not the manual for the base unit itself.  Specifically, I’m looking for the (non-VT-100) escape sequences that can control the terminal, if there are any.

If anyone has a paper copy of the manual that could be scanned, I’d certainly appreciate it.  In an ideal world, there would also be a service manual with schematics, but that’s probably too much to hope for...

Mark Moulding

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