Looking for Extended Industry Standard Architecture Revision 3.10 Specification

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Sun Feb 23 01:45:58 CST 2020

> I skim-searched a dodgy source known to contain weird and wonderful
> standards
> documents and other tech references that are still under copyright so
> tend not
> to be on the surface web. Sadly, the title you want didn't turn up, but
> "Eisa
> System Architecture" (020140995X) did. It's not a standards document,
> but the
> second half of chapter 9 discusses CFG files and gives an example
> including a
> breakdown of what the fields mean, which might be enough to get you
> going.


Thanks for checking. I was able to borrow a copy of the book from the
Internet Archive and looked through the pertinent chapter. While it does do
a nice illustration of a CFG file it does not address any questions on
specifics. I may still pick up the book to have as a reference although it
seems aimed mostly at the HW guys. Thanks for the pointer!


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