HP 9000 Series 360 Thin LAN

Nigel Johnson nw.johnson at ieee.org
Sat Feb 22 13:52:08 CST 2020

You can also use RG174 to go between cracks in floor tiles as I did once 
in my apartment.  It was easier than cutting hole sin concrete to get 
where I wanted to go (well before wi-fi)

As a consultant said when he saw it, "I have heard of thin-net but that 
is ridiculous!



On 22/02/2020 14:13, Gregory Beat via cctech wrote:
> Some days I feel like “Doc Brown”, wondering where I parked the DeLorean.
>> YES ... connecting your HP 9000 to your private LAN would be useful.
> ThinNet = 10-Base-2 = 10 MB Ethernet over RG-58/U 50 ohm coaxial cable.
> The Series 360 workstation should also have an AUI port (15-pin D-subminiature with locking mechanism option).
>> I would recommend an AUI transceiver to 10-Base-T media converter (UTP with 8-pin modular jack).  Black Box, Unicom, and other brands are available.
> https://www.omnitron-systems.com/flexpoint-10-aui-media-converter.php
> You did not mention the Operating System (OS) that you have installed on this HP 9000 series 360.  HP-UX was the standard OS offering 30 years ago, when I went thru HP’s one month of classroom training on HP9000 hardware, networking, & HP-UX.
> https://www.hpmuseum.net/exhibit.php?class=1&cat=40
> You will need the Ethernet network driver installed for your OS, and standard TCP/IP tools (telnet, ssh, ftp, nfs, etc.).
> greg
> chicago
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> Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 10:19:40 -0800
> From: Roger Addy <roger.addy at charter.net>
> To: cctech at classiccmp.org
> Subject: HP 9000 Series 360 Thin LAN
> Hi All,
> I am using an HP 9000 Series 360 with a "Thin LAN" coax card to run a
> piece of equipment. The LAN connection is not currently being used.? I'm
> wondering if it's possible to connect it to a modern ethernet network??
> If so, what could I do with it? I found an adapter on Amazon. I would
> like to be able to transfer files and possibly print.? The file systems
> are not compatible except for maybe ASCII files.? Anyone have any
> thoughts?? Even if I could transfer files into another HP 9000 system it
> would be beneficial.
> Thank you,
> Roger A.


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