Thinnet and Thinnet gear was Re: HP 9000 Series 360 Thin LAN

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Fri Feb 21 17:23:48 CST 2020

> > Thinnet is "just Ethernet." All you need is some sort of transceiver to
> > connect it, and many old hubs have Thinnet ports right on them (my trusty 
> > 10baseT Allied Telesyn hub has such a port).
> I think I have the same model.

It's an MR820TR. It's been in continuous service with me personally for over
20 years, and is of course even older than that. The thing just doesn't die.
I also have one of the slightly later variant that displays "network load" as
a spare, but it has never needed to be put in service.

There's also a whole mess of the 210T transceivers here that breed furiously
in drawers like hamsters.

On the whole I like(d) Allied Telesyn gear.

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