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Alan Frisbie flash688 at
Sun Feb 16 23:01:18 CST 2020

Jerry Weiss <jsw at> wrote:

 > On 2/12/20 11:28 AM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:
 > >      > That fourth card (M7268) is apparently a connector card for the Q-Bus
 > >      > and drive bus.
 > >
 > > Yes, but actually there are 6 cards: the M7269 is a dual card which goes
 > > into the QBUS backplane, and the M993-YA which goes into the first RK05,
 > > to convert from the two flat cables which come from the M7268.
 > >
 > >      > From: Al Kossow
 > >
 > >      > Also, it is only 18 bits.
 > >
 > > Actually, only 16-bit DMA addresses, I'm pretty sure.
 > >
 > > 	Noel
 > That's what is documented in Micronote #5. There is a comment in the
 > 15-Dec-1994 DECUServe Journal that says it can be modified for 18 bits
 > from Alan Frisbie.

Yes, it can, and it works well.  I ran RSX-11M from RK05s on my 11/73 system.

I even managed to find the article I wrote, on a 1986 backup of an RSX-11
disk, now loaded on SIMH on my Alpha/VMS system.  I have already sent a
copy of the RUNOFF file (and resulting text file) to Dave McGuire, who
tracked me down, and will do so for anyone else who would like it.

I also have the RKV11-D manual and print set, but they are buried in one of
the many boxes in my shop, so it might take a while to find them.  If you
need them, let me know and I'll dig them out and scan them.

Alan "Packrat" Frisbie

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