Fujitsu M2372 SMD disk manual and status

Alan Perry aperry at
Sun Feb 16 11:58:38 CST 2020

Two things:

1. Does anyone here have documentation for Fujitsu's M2372 SMD disk? 
M2382 is on bitsavers, but there are some differences between it and the 

2. I removed the drive from the Sun Storage Pedestal chassis, so I could 
see what status LEDs are turning on when I power it up. STS0 is solid 
and STS3 is flashing. Is this some transitory state as the drive is 
coming up or is this a fault indication? It has stayed in that state for 
at least 10 min, so I presume it is a fault.

If I am reading the M2382 manual correctly and is is applicable to the 
M2372, the fault "indicates the condition to Power Ready is not correct 
or the drive detect the unexpected MPU interruption".


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