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 You might check with a fellow in the UK, goes by the handle zippysticks, on the VCF forum.
He is currently having a ASR33 shipped to the UK from USA.
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On 02/13/2020 06:19 AM, jim stephens via cctalk wrote:
> Any recent or other recommendations on shipping to Europe?
> Specifically to Italy?
> I have the packing arranged.  Item being shipped is an
> ASR33. budget right now is a bit beyond what the buyer
> has, but I have gotten the unit for him, and we need to
> figure how to get it there.
> weight will be 75 to 100#.  Shipping from Los Angeles.
> Doesn't necessarily have to go express shipping, as long
> as the ride isn't too bad.
Oh my gosh!  ASR33!  Well, you ought to check out
Eshipper/Aeroshipper, they can arrange good rates with DHL.
I have heard some bad stories, so it has to be packed really
well. But, they seem to have the best rates
for international shipping I've seen.

Here's my contact:

efrim at


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